H4 1500 # Run To The Jungle

Hashers! Block the dates for the landmark 1500th run of the Hyderabad Hash ‘Run To The Jungle ’ event (a.k.a The Forest Hump) set in the beautiful Maredumilli Forest, Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh.

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About the Event:

  • This is a Friday-Sunday, 2-night, 3-day event. There’s an optional 1 day pre-lube at the same location with a night jungle walk and some nature sightseeing. 
  • Parties: Equipment and talented DJ from Hyderabad. We are told, there’s no official must-close-time for the parties. Campfires every day. On Pre-lube day, we’ll have a quieter affair of the same thing.
  • Food and beverage: Will be good, mostly Indian but enough familiar items in each meal for expats. And includes local specialities such as Bamboo Chicken. Proper finger food at parties.
  • All meals covered from Friday breakfast to Sunday lunch. Same for Pre-lubers. 
  • Beer is on the house but get your own hard liquor from the city – no liquor store anywhere close to resort. Definitely no pan-dabbas either.

About the location:

  • This is about 70 km from Rajahmundry Rail Station and 50 km from Rajahmundry Airport.
  • The resort is in a valley of a forest area; the closest bigger villages are 8 and 15 km away; But area is dotted by Tribal hamlets, so it does have people living there.
  • The Flora ranges from higher altitude type on the hills to palm trees in the valley!
  • Fauna includes: panther, tiger, crocodile, bear, deer, hill hyena, bison and plenty more. We won’t be going to dense forest so we should avoid meeting the more dangerous residents.
  • The hills will offer a challenge for the fittest runners but still manageable for most people. The area is unpolluted has barely any tourists, no grocery store, no liquor store, no city noise and few people for kilometres around. It is Pristine Hash Country! 😊
  • Note: Mismanagement will arrange buses from Rajahmundry Airport and Rail station at pre-set timings. And there will be a drop off too at same places after Sunday Lunch. Cost for this will be a few hundred and registered hashers will get plenty of information on logistics.

Resort & Accomoation:

  • We will be staying at: birdsnest.in
  • The resort is better than basic, with A/C in most rooms and a decent size clean swimming pool, with slides. This is the best resort in the area but unfortunately it is small and is designed for each room to accommodate a family with two double beds.
  • For the event, to get all types to fit in the resort, we have divided/reserved the rooms for 2-stay and 4-stay rooms plus we have a large dorm for about 40 people (Dorm has 8+8 showers and toilets; separate for girls and boys).


  • This is a one of a kind event for 2018 in India Hash circuit, do book early to get into the limited spots.
  • Note: The 2-stay rooms are reserved on merit: contribution to Indian hashes + Age. We doubt non-hashers will get a spot.
    Find all other information and pricing in the registration form.
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