Trail & Circle

What is a Trail?

The hares lay the trail with blobs of chalk or flour. A blob of chalk is laid every 20-30m or so; sometimes more often if the terrain is confusing, sometimes less often if there is only one clear path to follow. Hashers follow the trail for a few kilometres until they return to the starting point.

During the course of the run you will, at some point, come to a ‘CHECK MARK’. This is a large white circle with a blob of chalk in the center. This means that the next mark could be anywhere far off. Hashers must search high and low to find the next mark. Sometimes this can be relatively simple. Sometimes it can be quite the opposite and lead to the whole pack bunched up together and confused! When looking for the mark you may hear the shout “ARE YOU ON?”. If you are looking for a mark you can reply, “CHECKING”. If you find the chalk or are on the trail when you hear, “ARE YOU ON?’ you will need to shout at the top of your lungs, “ON ON”.

What is a Circle? What are Down-Downs?

After the run, the Circle + Down-Downs begin. Everyone gathers around in a circle and various people are called up to the center of the circle and given a Down-Down with Beer. You may be called up for being a first-time hasher, a visiting hasher, or for no reason at all. Down-Downs can be raucous affairs, be warned!